A Tribe is a community defined by a common experience of the world.”

Alexei Kondrotiev, ‘Celtic Rituals’

Upcoming Events

  • Súil an Craic - Súil an Craic is the second iteration of an independently organised, multi-layered journey of exploration and re-discovery of the land, which seeks to open up routes for long-term pilgrimages through our ancient culture and richly varied landscape.

About Us

The Fairy Council of Ireland is a self-regulated, cooperative venture of active participation in Ireland’s well-being in all of its many layers. We are gathered not as one voice but many, to establish a platform of networking, empowerment and advocation for the Spirit of Ireland; its forests, its waterways, its music and art, its ancient ways and language.

Through our 5 “provinces” (Crainn, Uisce, Eolas Ársa, Imbas and Tallamh) managed by their own experts in their field, we’re establishing connections between self-motivated individuals and organisations which are already ploughing ahead with projects of their own; whether looking to replant forests, find and restore our ancient wells or artistic endeavours of varied kinds. 

We are an ecological, living, cultural hub of “intangible heritage” supporting the interconnectivity of projects for the protection and regeneration of biodiversity, as well as the rich ancient knowledge and customs of our Ancestors. We celebrate all in whomever they choose to be in their expression of integrity and grá. We are here to remind people of their innate power within; that abundance is a natural state and not a far-off reward.

The Council is also a welcoming centre for newcomers into our ways, both from home or from afar, facilitating access to curated resources of high quality to involve themselves in Irish culture, history, language and on-going projects. We aim at gathering the best skills and minds in the Land and facilitate spaces and resources for them to empower each other; working together with the unanimous agreement of providing only the highest standard of quality to their work as well as to their word.

Aims of the Fairy Council

  • Empowering people to actively participate in their own culture, within what they themselves want to achieve
  • Establishing enabling structures for the support of on-going projects for the well-being of Irish culture and landscape
  • Connecting with government bodies to advocate on behalf of our island, its heritage, and the rights of the indigenous Irish.

We are the children of this Land. We were told fairies don’t exist, but we’re right here among the hills and streams, doing the good work. We have remembered.

There is a lot to do, and room for all. The story is rapidly unfolding.

Latest News & Projects

  • Chieftain Trees - In ancient Ireland trees were held sacred by the people. Native forests of oak, ash, elm, birch, pine, alder and hazel trees flourished across Ireland’s landscape.
  • Celtic Fox Herbal - Celtic Fox, also known as Luke Heron is a forager, naturopath and student Herbalist based in Ireland. He wants to share this wonderful new perspective of life with those who will listen through his experiences, workshops, walks and talks.
  • Wild Awake - Wild Awake Education aims to rekindle environmental and cultural resilience through the (re)learning of ancestral and traditional skills in nature. It is grown from the belief in the need to preserve wildness in ourselves, in our landscapes and in our cultures.
  • All is Well - We in Ireland recognise and celebrate our rich heritage in Holy Wells. This is a project to discover, and caretake our primary source water through our interaction with the holy wells. We aim to give back to this wonderful island we live on.
  • Eddie Doherty Handwoven Tweed - Eddie Doherty learnt to weave by hand at the age of 16. Now, 40 years and two long stints with large Irish fabric companies later, he uses Donegal wool to handweave pure wool blankets and tweed at his home in Ardara.
  • Sean Fitzgerald Art - Sean Fitzgerald is an Irish artist living in the North West of Ireland. His illustrations are mainly based around nature, folklore, decay, incorporating intricate Celtic knotwork and stippled patterns. He has his heavily illustrated book “The Last Battle of Moytura” out now on Hill of Tara Press.
  • Save the Hellfire - South Dublin County Council wants to spend over €22m to transform Massy's Estate and the Hellfire Club into a major tourist attraction. Friends of Massy’s Wood, Residents Associations and Community Groups have joined forces to protect this natural wilderness from inappropriate development. We need your support to maintain the natural integrity of the landscape and protect the environment from commercial exploitation.
  • Bake Bread for Peace - Breezy Willow Kelly is a native of Glenties, in the Irish County of Donegal. She has been involved in promoting the ancient tradition of home-baking for over 15 years. For over a decade she was included in the Heritage in Schools Scheme where Heritage Specialists visit primary schools throughout the country to engage children in a direct experience of their heritage.
  • Gaelic Woodland Project - We're gathering the international community to replant Ireland's lost forests. Contributors will receive a 21-year licensed plot of the woodland and the symbollic Brehon Law title of Tiarna na Coillte Mór.
  • List of Woodlands - List of public and private woodlands in Wicklow and around the country.