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Michelle Keane is a Co Kerry-based interior designer, entrepreneur and public speaker. She was born in Knocknagoshel, in northeast Kerry, and lives a mile from where she was born with her husband Keith and two children Luke & Holly. She studied fashion and textile design and was a finalist in the Smirnoff Young Designer of the Year Award 1994, Trinity College. She was awarded a post graduate scholarship from the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels. She founded Mibeau Interiors in 2000, and, thanks to her relentless passion for design and a keen eye for colour, has become a celebrated name in the interior design industry. She is passionate about making her design ethos widely accessible, and lectures part-time in interior design. In 2019, Michelle launched a hand-painted spiritual art collection inspired by her visions and spiritual experiences. In 2019 she discovered seven natural spring waters on her land and has been on a journey of discovery ever since.



Jackie Queally Welcomes you to EarthWise

You may wonder “What is earth spirituality?” Well, have you a yearning to reconnect with Nature? Are you keen to deepen your awareness of the Sacred? Currently all tour options are in abeyance. However my guide to Rosslyn Chapel will allow you to take a meaningful tour of this sacred site, and likewise one of my books on the Burren in Ireland will allow you to enjoy many itineraries. I invite you to relax and let your mind journey with me in these informative deep books. Please click on them for greater details. I hope to meet you one day! Be well!

Sacred Knowledge

My books on earth spirituality refer to well-known and hidden sacred places, offering rare, in-depth knowledge of ley lines, & earth energies, helping your spiritual awakening.

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Far more than tours: experiences that feed your soul

  • Learn how to dowse ley-lines
  • Explore Gaia Touch exercises
  • Enjoy healing sounds played in nature
  • Find out about earth grids
  • Discover the purpose of the inner core of Knights Templar
  • Discuss whatever interests you e.g. earth wisdomsacred geometry, folklore or the Celtic Tree calendar..

Earth Spirituality in tours, books, workshops and talks

Jackie Queally, Creator of Earthwise

A well-established and respected author, spiritual dowser and guide Jackie was the original and regular external guide to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Based in Ireland since 2009 her insightful  tours and workshops  not only educate: they nurture your deeper sense of self.


She offers “slow tours” such as her spiritual day tours in the magical Burren in the west of Ireland where she lives.  The tours have led to many experiencing some form of spiritual awakening.

Jackie is available for private retreats and group spiritual tours. Private itinerary plans devised for Ireland and Scotland.

Amie Maria


The Art of Freedom

Amie is a visionary artist, poet, healer and spiritual guide. Her work is a sharing of universal truth, freedom and love, to awaken our souls truest nature. 

Beyond the self, and the unconscious illusions of mind, is a vast space of conscious power and freedom. Here, there is a ground of being that connects us to the very matter of existence itself. There is a radiant life force that flows, like water, in an effortless rhythm, facilitating a surrender to what is, in our moment to moment reality. There is a glowing power, that is capable of the greatest bravery and courage. There is a heart that sings, with the lightness of air, as gentle as a summer breeze. And there is endless space. To eternity. To breathe. To be at peace. To be at one with all that is. To be life itself. Awakening to this truth, and embodying it, is the purpose of our being. 

This state of conscious wholeness is alive in you now; it is just hiding behind your hurts. Amie works one-to-one with inquisitive souls, to guide the being beyond the mind, into the expanse of infinite consciousness, traversing the landscapes of awakening and beyond, into the embodiment of realisation. 

Amie uses her art and words to communicate and share the essence and feeling of this truth.