Grá Fiánta Herbal


My name is Leasha, I am a community folk herbalist living in

Grá fiánta means ‘fierce love’. This is the philosophy I live by,
particularly in my work as a community herbalist. My herbalism practice
is grounded in the city ecosystem and is guided by principles of
solidarity, mutual aid, and reciprocity.

Grá Fiánta Herbal exists to empower people and communities by making
plant medicine accessible. Knowledge is power, and through my work I
hope to reconnect people with the traditional knowledge of plant
medicine. I aim to mobilise plant medicine in support of people
experiencing marginalisation and oppression, as part of the wider
struggle for rights, community sovereignty, and justice.

Through Grá Fiánta Herbal I offer educational plant medicine workshops
in collaboration with community gardens and other local groups. I aim to
share the knowledge I have collected in ways that are accessible and

I also offer free and low-cost herbal teas, flower essences, and other

I also sell my writing work & other plant inspired creations.