Cormac’s Coast


Private guided walking tours along Ireland’s Atlantic coast: Cliffs of Moher, Burren, Slieve League. Zoology, Marine Biology, Geology, Botany & Local history

Hello there. My name is Cormac McGinley and here’s a little background information about me and what I do. 

I grew up in the small fishing and farming community of Teelin, County Donegal on Irelands North West Atlantic coast, under the shadow of Slieve League – some of Europes highest sea cliffs. Ours was a fishing family in Donegal. My father’s family were from small uninhabited islands off the Atlantic coast and my mother was reared in Derry.

I studied Zoology, Marine Biology, some geology and paeleontology at Aberdeen University Scotland. I also traveled extensively and still do any chance I get.

I spent 5 weeks at Gerald Durrell’s world famous Jersey Zoo studying endangerd animals and their reintroduction.

• 11 years as a Ranger at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre.

• Worked as the education officer at the cliffs of moher visitor centre, setting up their education and conservation programmes and providing information on flora and fauna in their award winning exhibition area.

• Was responsible for most of their specialist tours (everything from university groups to v.i.p.s and royalty), training up staff at the visitor centre on flora, fauna and geology for delivering tours and answering guests questions.

• Was involved in assisting with the set up of the “Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Geopark.

I have extensive touring experience and specialise in delivering high level content on Fauna, Flora, Geology and History and Heritage of the Cliffs of Moher and Burren area.

Down to Earth


Down to earth forest school

We offer a range of sessions for all ages and abilities 

  • Little twigs toddler groups,
  • Wilderness clubs,
  • Woodland camps,
  • Summer camps with Brigits Garden from 5 -7 and 8-to 12.
  • Family forest fun days.
  • School visits.
  • Forest school introduction days for adults.
  • Forest school leadership training with the fabulous trainers from Huathe

Down to earth Traditional crafts

We offer workshops in traditional and natural crafts for both children and adults all around Ireland.

Candlelit Tales


Retelling the stories of Irish Myth as they were traditionally told: accessible, entertaining, and with live musical accompaniment, in cozy settings.

We are a group of storytellers, performers, and musicians. We tell Irish myths to a live audience with live music.

Candlelit Tales was founded by brother-sister storytelling duo Aron and Sorcha Hegarty. Driven by a passion for Irish mythology, we started retelling the stories to a near-empty room upstairs in a Dublin pub one rainy evening in November. The next week, the room was a lot less empty, and we were joined by musician Ru O’Sé. By the fourth week, the room was full, and so was the hall outside. We realised that when we share our passion, it becomes contagious. And we’ve been telling stories and playing music from that day to this. 

Since then, over the past five years of telling stories in the capital of this nation of storytellers, we have developed and refined our uniquely expressive, naturalistic and modern style. Live music is the heartbeat of all our performances, and a live original music score composed by a team of talented musicians drives the rhythm of the storytelling, weaving through the tale and sweeping the listener away. 

We take our favourite myths, and we don’t shy away from the sex and violence that was always present in the Irish storytelling tradition. We keep the depth, the wisdom, and the richness, and leaven it with humour, passion and playfulness to enchant audiences of all ages. 

Our guiding light has always been to make these stories accessible and available to as many people as we can. Because we love them, and we want everyone else in the world to have a chance to fall in love with them too. 

We are breathing life back into these old stories, for young and for old and in many different ways.

We will make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe even make you roar.

We want to let these stories live again, and we need you to listen.

Mythical Ireland

Eolas Ársa

Anthony Murphy

Mythical Ireland was established in March of the year 2000 by journalist, author and researcher Anthony Murphy. The website represents a journey into the ancient past, and attempts to cast new light on a sometimes obscure period of the early history of Ireland. This exploration takes place through many different disciplines, which include, but are not limited to, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, mythology, spirituality and geodesy.

The great 5,000-year-old megalithic passage-tombs of Brú na Bóinne in the Boyne Valley represent the zenith of a phase of Irish prehistory that began with the introduction of farming around 6,000 years ago. Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are huge, enigmatic structures, that are the finest examples of a type of monument that is found scattered throughout Ireland, and of which there may be as many as 1,500 examples. None can compare to these three, though, in terms of size, grandeur, and their illustrious prominence in the ancient myths.

Anthony’s exploration encompasses many different facets of these great monuments. He invites you to step into this ancient world, and through the various media of words, photography and video/film, to enjoy a unique glimpse a past that seems very much alive.

Tuiscint na Talún

Eolas Ársa

Tuiscint na Talún means ‘wisdom of the land’; referring to the wisdom the land itself possesses. Tuiscint na Talún is an educational project that is focused on exploring ways of de-linking from colonial modernity in Ireland and re-connecting to indigenous ancestral lifeways that were attuned to the land. It encompasses a number of creative approaches and outlets that jointly seek to cultivate and explore different ways of re-connecting with the land and our ancestors through ancient sacred places in Ireland. Beyond single seminars and classes, it provides continuing teaching and learning support to people that wish to engage with the ideas and concepts further, as we recognise this can be daunting and exhausting work to undertake alone without any support.

Wild Awake


Lucy O’Hagan

Wild Awake Education aims to rekindle environmental and cultural resilience through the (re)learning of ancestral and traditional skills in nature.

It is grown from the belief in the need to preserve wildness in ourselves, in our landscapes and in our cultures.

We run classes and offer nature connection programmes to people from all walks of life. It is no secret that Nature-deficit disorder, a term coined by author Richard Louv, is something experienced by many of us in this age. A love of nature and a wish to share that with people, to inspire effective earth stewards, is at the heart of what we do. We envisage a future where our relationship with the earth is founded in compassion, dignity and respect.

Wild Awake recognises the provenance of these skills and teachings from our ancestors as well as the practises of indigenous peoples. It is not our intention to culturally appropriate from native peoples, but to create community and ceremony that actively engages in a reciprocal relationship with the more-than-human world. We believe that these skills lose their meaning when practised in isolation and that it is the efforts of a community which can create a better world for our future generations as we face a warming and changing planet.

We hope that you will join us on this journey in recognising ourselves as a part of nature, not apart from it.

All is Well


Rebuilding Community through the wells

We in Ireland recognise and celebrate our rich heritage in Holy Wells. This is a project to discover, and caretake our primary source water through our interaction with the holy wells. We aim to give back to this wonderful island we live on.

What we do

PURIFICATION: We use natural organic methods to purify the water and bring these wells back to a potable water source, as well as provide education and community building support around these heritage sites.

COMMUNITY: We believe the wells to be great community resource and aim to aid each community to find their own pride and creativity show through the wells.

HISTORY: Each well tells a rich tale, from is history in building, they it’s local histories and the cores, rounds beliefs around each of these wells. We endeavour to collect local lore about each well.

DATABASE: We are beginning to form a database of wells country wide.

EDUCATION: We provide workshops in:

  • Methods to clean Wells
  • Customs and Beliefs around Wells
  • The Path of Christian Saints
  • Water for Health
  • The Myth of Wells

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