Eolas Ársa

Michael Ryan

Michael teaches a form of Mindful Movement, interweaving meditation and philosophy with a biomechanical process called The Bowspring that supports each student in moving safely toward accessing a feeling of strength and spacious freedom.

His teachings draw from a wide experience of yoga, meditation, philosophy and a love of poetry and prose. HIs skill lies in his heartfelt articulation of the spiritual dimension of life through the practice of meditation and yoga while staying grounded in safe and harmonious postural alignment. His teachings speak to the soul and journey into the many different layers of the Self. He guides and encourages each student to explore and open to their fullest potential with care and compassion. Michael is the yoga and meditation teacher to the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins. 



Cruthaigh means ‘to create’ in Irish and was brought about to inspire healing through creativity under the Spiral as the symbol for change in Ireland.

Creativity, inspiration and healing are three major elements to healthy individuals and communities and Cruthaigh intends on making that common knowledge around Ireland. It is very important for individuals to know that change must happen within themselves before the world will change. As above, so below, as within, so without.

By Cruthaigh becoming a nationally recognised entity that blurs the world’s of the ancient and the modern it is is destined that our lovely land of Ireland will once again become a festival of love and craic forevermore.

Celtic School of Embodiment

Eolas Ársa

I’m Jen, a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist & Anthropologist.

I come from a maternal lineage of storytellers, raised on my grandmother, Frances O’Sullivan’s macabre tales of banshees, púcas, and changeling fairies. This fuelled my fascination with Irish myth and folklore, and eventually, a degree in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies. 

I married my native teachings with a curiosity of other cultures, and pursued my studies as an anthropologist, spending the past 14 years working in global justice. My experiences of myth cross-culturally provided insights into how humans make meaning in the world.

Yet, story is bigger than any one culture. Story is as old as time. Story is every living being who has graced this planet. Story is our lifeforce. It courses through our veins. Story is what it means to be human. 

This is WHY we are here – to create our stories. 

My life story recently pulled me home to my roots. It created a holy longing to fuse my passion for Women’s Empowerment with Celtic mythology. And so, the Celtic School of Embodiment became a new chapter. This is my legacy; inherited from Frances, and for my wondrous sons, Joel and Barra. By being here you are part of my story. I hope to become part of yours. 

Sarakali Sanctuary


A haven of rest, situated in the beautiful countryside of Co Mayo. SaraKali Sanctuary specialises in the spiritual and physical care, rehabilitation and sympathetic re-training of traditional cobs and heavy horses.

The profound and recognised healing power of the horse is also available to our visitors and staying guests. Observing or working with our beautiful cobs who run free in friendly bands, upon the ancient landscape of the West of Ireland, can be transformational.The sanctuary honours the protective guidance and renewal of SaraKali. Whether horse or human her energy provides safety, healing and recuperation for the traveller in us all, as we journey through life.

We offer regular workshops run by accredited holistic practitioners, artists and equine facilitators. There is a warm, creative welcome to guests who simply wish to visit and stay in our converted Dairy within an original Irish stone byre dwelling.

We look forward to seeing you.

“Síochain chun Neamh. Neamh chun Domhan. Domhan faoi Neamh. Neart do gach chinn.”
(“Peace to Sky. Sky to Earth. Earth below Sky, strength in each one.”)
Prophecy of the Morrígan – translation by Laura O’Brien

Subconsciously Conscious

Eolas Ársa

Peter Kelly is a Poet, Philosopher and overall Seeker of Truth. He brings his deep understanding of the psychological programs that form the layers we are here to unravel. An avid adept of the ancient mystery schools and ancient teachings, Peter works with the subconscious, identifying patterns and deciphering the symbolism contained within.

Through navigating the subconscious, Peter uses the wisdom he has learned throughout his life and through his own struggles and experiences to decipher the symbolism and patterns that communicate that true and Divine direction, that is in constant flow to us all. From his in depth knowledge on the ancient mystery schools, ancient wisdom, mythology, symbolism and esoteric teachings, Peter incorporates various methods in guiding you through your own personal patterns and symbols to allow you to find direction in your own path and in the way forward to honouring your true self.

Subconsciously Conscious is the approach to bring forth the realisation and being of our true selves, aligned to our spiritual centre and the freedom in the truth of our existence.

This approach takes the initiate through an understanding of their present perception and state of uncomfortable reality. This process will guide you to a clear understanding of how you have become this current version of yourself. The burning feeling of not fulfilling that deep internal calling and a clearer understanding of the true reality underlying all these negative constraints.

Following in the footsteps of the ancient mystery schools of Khemet, we take you deep into their ancient principle of “Man Know Thyself”, taking you on the steps as you navigate a deeper understanding of yourself.

With this deep personal understanding we help guide you back to your true self in liberating the true aspects of your nature; love, peace, compassion, joy and understanding and that true connection to source, your divine intuition and communicative line of personal truthful direction.

At Subconsciously Conscious, our mission is to guide you to the door, so that you can step forward and walk your own path to personal and spiritual freedom.

Gerry Dalton Shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Eolas Ársa

Through my own experiences using Shamanic and Transpersonal Therapies to heal myself I have gained a deep sense of empathy and understanding for those struggling with chronic health challenges, feeling overwhelmed with life and disconnected from themselves.

I am based in the ancient sacred Boyne Valley in Ireland, in the valley beneath the megalithic site of Sliabh na Calliagh (Loughcrew). I am surrounded by the magical energy that drew our ancient shamanic ancestors to this area. I am inspired by the stones that they left on the hills and fields in the Boyne Valley with their cryptic messages from the distant past. When we sit at these places we can feel the power and energy that inspired our ancestors.

As I have connected deeper with the healing energy of our land and plants I have become more drawn to identify myself as a traditional ‘Fear Feasa’ (pronounced ‘Far Fasa’). The Fear Feasa were our indigenous medicine men known as Healers, Seers, Ceremonial Facilitators, Ones who walk between the worlds, intermediaries with the Sídhe, and skilled with the knowledge of herbs.

I use a holistic approach to working with clients, developing a treatment plan depending on what is required. I incorporate the following range of treatments; Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, Chelation Energy Healing, Shamanic Counselling and sound therapy.

Heal Boy


My name is Robert Arbuckle, I come from Derry in the North of the island of Eire. and Heal Boy is an artistic project I created in 2019.

Through the lens of my own experiences as a songwriter, poet, spiritual seeker and environmentalist, I explore and highlight the symbiotic harmony between the emotional and environmental aspects of our existence, how environment reflects on our nature and our nature reflects on the environment, and the impact on our holistic well-being when that relationship is disrupted.

With Heal Boy I express my own experiences of healing and what I’ve learnt and use my art to process these experiences

Conscious Concert


Welcome here!

Do you dream of a better future? Do you sometimes find it difficult to fit into the society we have created? Conscious Concert is an inspiring day of wisdom talks and healing music that creates a safe space for you to connect with like-minded people who share a vision for a better world.

At Conscious Concerts we recognise that the world is going through tremendous change and that our planet, in many ways, is out of balance.

On an individual level people are yearning for something deeper within, some call it spirituality, others say it’s just a search for greater meaning in their lives. Many feel that as a society we have become more divided and lost our sense of community.

Conscious Concerts organise national events that hope to address these concerns. We are building a community of like minded people who strive to live a healthy and balanced life in harmony with their neighbours and friends. We are at the forefront of what’s happening globally, setting trends and bringing speakers to Ireland which more conservative events wouldn’t consider. We are not traditional, we believe in positive change and transformation for all who want it.

We are growing and we want you to grow with us. Come along and be a part of our special journey.