The Celtic Wheel

Eolas Ársa

Mari Kennedy

The Celtic Wheel 20/21 is a year-long journey through the 8 Festivals. It is designed for women who want to activate their feminine wisdom and their sovereign power so they can live in more balance while in service to the new world emerging.

The Celtic wheel is the calendar handed down to us from our Celtic and pre-Celtic ancestors. Our Celtic ancestors were rooted in the rhythms of nature and the cosmos and the interconnectedness of all things. 

The world of strive-drive over-culture is collapsing around us. We as women are exhausted living that way. The Celtic Wheel is an ancient map that can help bring women back into balance and into our sovereignty,  so we can spin a new world into being.

Celtic School of Embodiment

Eolas Ársa

I’m Jen, a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Mythologist & Anthropologist.

I come from a maternal lineage of storytellers, raised on my grandmother, Frances O’Sullivan’s macabre tales of banshees, púcas, and changeling fairies. This fuelled my fascination with Irish myth and folklore, and eventually, a degree in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies. 

I married my native teachings with a curiosity of other cultures, and pursued my studies as an anthropologist, spending the past 14 years working in global justice. My experiences of myth cross-culturally provided insights into how humans make meaning in the world.

Yet, story is bigger than any one culture. Story is as old as time. Story is every living being who has graced this planet. Story is our lifeforce. It courses through our veins. Story is what it means to be human. 

This is WHY we are here – to create our stories. 

My life story recently pulled me home to my roots. It created a holy longing to fuse my passion for Women’s Empowerment with Celtic mythology. And so, the Celtic School of Embodiment became a new chapter. This is my legacy; inherited from Frances, and for my wondrous sons, Joel and Barra. By being here you are part of my story. I hope to become part of yours. 

The Women of Ireland Project

Eolas Ársa

What influence has Ireland – its history, culture and society – had on the Women of Ireland, on who we are today and how we approach the world?

This is the question which has sparked this project.

I want to explore and better understand the experience of being a Woman of Ireland today and what has contributed to it. I am curious about how Ireland’s culture, history, social norms and social structures have influenced my worldviews, experiences and the way in which I approach the world as a woman. I want to explore this with other women who have grown up or lived in Ireland, experienced Irish culture or connect to Ireland in some way.

To answer this, this project has three main aims:

1. Research and Gather

Exploring women of Ireland in history by examining existing literature, academic research and historical texts on the role, experiences, treatment, activities and views of women of Ireland in the past. Gathering all of this information to better understand how Irish culture has influenced and been influenced by women.

2. Listen and Collect

Interview women of Ireland to collect their stories, perspectives, experiences, insights and opinions on what is like to be a woman of Ireland today.

3. Connect, Write and Share

Connect the findings of the interview study to the review of the historical literature to highlight areas were the women of Ireland today, may be impacted by the past. Write about these findings and share my experiences of doing this project with others so that more knowledge can be created and more stories can be told.