Clare Kelly


A COMMUNITY Artist of sorts… In many mediums and designs, portraits from photographs or from life. Clare Kelly creates commissioned art for clients nationally and internationally. Living in Ireland’s Midlands currently and enjoying co-creating the New Earth

Her many interests include Folk, Fairy, the Angelic and Shamanic Realms. Can be contacted at for further information and details.

Amie Maria


The Art of Freedom

Amie is a visionary artist, poet, healer and spiritual guide. Her work is a sharing of universal truth, freedom and love, to awaken our souls truest nature. 

Beyond the self, and the unconscious illusions of mind, is a vast space of conscious power and freedom. Here, there is a ground of being that connects us to the very matter of existence itself. There is a radiant life force that flows, like water, in an effortless rhythm, facilitating a surrender to what is, in our moment to moment reality. There is a glowing power, that is capable of the greatest bravery and courage. There is a heart that sings, with the lightness of air, as gentle as a summer breeze. And there is endless space. To eternity. To breathe. To be at peace. To be at one with all that is. To be life itself. Awakening to this truth, and embodying it, is the purpose of our being. 

This state of conscious wholeness is alive in you now; it is just hiding behind your hurts. Amie works one-to-one with inquisitive souls, to guide the being beyond the mind, into the expanse of infinite consciousness, traversing the landscapes of awakening and beyond, into the embodiment of realisation. 

Amie uses her art and words to communicate and share the essence and feeling of this truth. 

Tales From the Wood


Shelly Mooney

Shelly Mooney is an artist, historian and writer from the sunny south-east of Ireland. Born and based in County Wexford, Shelly spent her childhood surrounded by the rich history, as well as the myths and magic of Ireland’s wild and ancient landscape.

Growing up Shelly developed a passion for exploring the Irish countryside; camping trips with her family brought her from one side of the country to the other, creating an innate affection for the island. An ever-growing love for the works of Tolkien helped to fuel her fascination with mythology,
and as she began to realise how closely intertwined Ireland’s history and archaeology are with its myths, perhaps unsurprisingly it became a lifelong passion for her to learn more.

In 2008, Shelly began her degree at University College Dublin, the same year that the economic crisis of the recession hit Ireland. Shelly loved her time in University, majoring in History and German while also taking classes in Archaeology and Horticulture. Once she had graduated, given the uncertainty of the times, Shelly entered the business world to pursue a stable, sensible job. She spent several years working for various companies before realising that it wasn’t for her. A creative soul at heart, she yearned to express her passions and bring her love for Ireland’s rich culture to a wider audience.

In early 2020, with these goals in mind, Shelly launched Tales From The Wood. Here she writes, paints and shares her adventures around the breath-taking sites of Ireland with the rest of the world. Every piece of content is self-generated, from the photos, to the artwork – it is a labour of love in every sense of the word. An active participant in the Irish history and mythology community, Shelly is helping to ensure that the ancient stories and traditions of the Emerald Isle are preserved for future generations, and not lost to the ages.

After getting married in 2018 in an outdoor ceremony high in the Wicklow mountains, Shelly now lives in the quiet countryside of North Wexford with her husband Kev and their two pets; Lola the German Shephard, and Guinevere the silver cat. This peaceful life lends itself to the creative process, however when she’s not thinking about all the things mentioned above, Shelly also enjoys rekindling her horticulture love-affair in the garden, playing music (piano, guitar, whistle & fiddle!), as well as taking long walks with Lola through the countryside. Not to mention baking cakes and spending time with her family.


Eolas Ársa

Séamus Draoigall

I am a south-american born Maker and Artist of Celtic descent living in and inspired by the beautiful land of Ireland. Like so many people and tribes before me, I came to these shores from far, far away, relentlessly heeding a call that was impossible to ignore, fighting through hell and heaven for the right to call this island my home.

All throughout my long journey into the arms of Éire, I led a mobile lifestyle supported by freelancing Illustration and Graphic Design work. I have done deep, extensive research into most aspects of Ireland’s complex and bountiful mythology, history, ancient laws and cosmovision, and I’m a supporter of any project that aims to bring back and repurpose the myriad treasures hidden in this tradition and puts it in service of our modern-world needs.

My final, ultimate objective as an Artist, the reason why I delve into this world so far deep, is the development, writing and production of a Graphic Novel that gives back even a tiny bit to the magic tradition of Ireland. Because I didn’t grow up here, I’m blessed in that I can come at all of its aspects from a clean slate, my experience not detracted by social biases.