Run to Plant Trees



Run to Plant Trees is a cause and a call for climate action created by Baiba Šustere, yoga and meditation teacher, an avid runner and nature lover, who is based in Galway, Ireland.

Run to Plant Trees was a year-long fundraiser during which Baiba ran 2 half marathons, 3 marathons and 1 ultra marathon, altogether 232 km. The aim was to raise funds to plant native and indigenous Irish trees on the West Coast of Ireland with Hometree Charity. Baiba also created a platform which informs about the importance of trees, forests and biodiversity, and how it relates to local communities and climate crises. To achieve it Baiba not only ran 6 races along the West Coast of Ireland, but also organised fundraising events accessible to everyone in community. Run to Plant Trees created a platform to talk about current climate crises, importance of individual and systematic changes, about the beauty of our nature, and how important it is to respect and preserve it.

With Run to Plant Trees Baiba hopes that she brought this attitude of encouragement, strength and persistence into action, and encouraged each of you to do something you thought you will never achieve.

You are a part of nature. Stay kind, run and plant some trees.

Save Irish Fairy Forts


Save Irish Fairy Forts aims to raise public awareness of monument damage and destruction, it also aims to include the community in protecting our heritage, and inform the public that monument damage is ongoing in the Irish countryside.

It will show the public, including landowners, how to identify and learn more about archaeological monuments, and how to recognize damage and destruction of monuments by physically observing, and using freely available aerial photographs and satellite imagery to monitor damage.

It also encourages the public to report instances of monument damage to the National Monuments Service, and to highlight recorded damage on here, and in local and social media.

Protecting our monuments for future generations is our responsibility. These monuments are part of our heritage, and we are the guardians of the past, who must ensure those remaining are saved for future generations to see and enjoy.