Aisling Fraser


Aisling Fraser is a medium for this ancient Energetic Healing process
FROM THIS LAND that dates back over 6000 years. She is based in her
healing space Danuwellness located in Midleton Co. Cork and also travels
to where her work takes her holding seasonal gatherings outdoors. She is
a traditional healer, reflexologist, Aromatherapist and Body Worker who
leads with intuition and heart. Together with Aisling, open up a space
to Renew your Cells. BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR BODY. Renew your inner
desire to be free and to align with your true purpose. Wherever you feel
stuck, wherever there is old patterning, belief systems holding you
back, allow this ancient energetic process to weave freshness into your
bodily systems, cleaning,clearing and removing anything that is not in
alignment with your true purpose here on earth.

Receive High Healing Transmissions and active living energetic Prayer in
a sacred space held by Aisling,

Are you worn out, tired, stuck, held back, anxious, limited, lacking in
abundance??? If any of the above is how you feel right now, come join
Aisling in intimate gathering or 1 to 1 healing session to set yourself
free of the weight and step into your own power.

Aisling is a student of Ger Lyons Global Healer who travels around the
world sharing this tradition.

For more information on Aislings work see her website


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