Airmid’s Journal

Eolas Ársa

As the acorns ripened and fell to the ground, the last of the nettles produced seed and the Cailleach took up her blackthorn staff, the dream of “Airmid’s Journal” was borne.

We invite you on this journey with us to witness, share, co-create and take root.

AJ is intended to be an ever growing tapestry of stories, woven together with the plants of this land. Old stories, new stories, personal tales and present spells. Here we share the voices of those who tend to the wild wells, offering nourishment to all those who wish to drink from the source.

Anamcara Books

Eolas Ársa

In Celtic Christianity, an Anamchara is a soul friend, a companion and mentor (often across the miles and the years) in life’s long journey through the spiritual realm. Soul friendship is a commitment to both accept and challenge the other; to cut across all divisions to the truth that is found everywhere, in all of life. Following in the footsteps of this ancient heritage, Anamchara Books is committed to creating a community of soul friends who are both authors and readers.

Our mission is to publish books that build bridges:

  • between spiritual perspectives and religious traditions;
  • between the wisdom of the past and the demands of modern life;
  • between ourselves and the Earth;
  • and between ourselves and the Divine.

Áine Brosnan

Eolas Ársa

I am a Sacred Journey Guide, Archaeologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Celebrant with Spiritual

I began my spiritual training in 2002 as an apprentice to Amantha Murphy, international Spiritual Teacher and clairvoyant guide.

I studied archaeology in University College Cork, where my early studies focussed on Síle na gig, the iconic Irish female totem. Later I completed a masters thesis on the burial practices of 1000yrs of burials at The St. Brendan foundation at Ardfert, Co Kerry. This experience gave me a great awareness and a strong reverence for the ancestors and their influences on our lives.

As a child I always had a very uplifting spiritual connection with the land, spending a lot of time at my grandmother’s farm, where there were several ancient burial mounds and a castle that enlivened my childhood imagination. This farm was located not far from the Hill of Uisneach, now famous as the Axis Mundi and the Dreamtime of Irish Mysticism. This potent place of ceremony is my spiritual home.

On a school visit to Newgrange as a child I had my first awakening to the powerful telluric earth energies of that special place which led me on the path of Myth, Magic and Shamanism, connecting me to the ancestors of this land and the sacred land of Eriú.

Warrior Poet Fitness

Eolas Ársa

As a Primal Strength & Health Coach, I support people and athletes in:

  • living their healthiest, happiest and strongest lives,
  • developing body-mind strength, power and vitality,
  • eating an ancestral Low-Carb, High-Fat diet, in alignment with their individual genetic and performance requirements,
  • understanding stress and how our thoughts and behaviour impact whether we grow or suffer from it,
  • creating a training program, eating philosophy and self-care plan to thrive instead of just survive,
  • connecting with nature and one’s ancestral heritage,
  • incorporating the primal principles of Hunting & Gathering as they relate to training, eating, and recovering,
  • addressing health issues that are related to stress and inflammation (you’d be surprised with what you can clean up by eating and living primally!), in conjunction with conventional medicine,
  • clearly defining training, sporting, health, working and life goals and dreams,
  • experiencing a greater sense of ease, peace and purpose within themselves,
  • living life to the absolute fullest as a Warrior or “one who is brave”,
  • living in alignment with the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws for living an awesome, flourishing, healthful life.

Mythical Ireland

Eolas Ársa

Anthony Murphy

Mythical Ireland was established in March of the year 2000 by journalist, author and researcher Anthony Murphy. The website represents a journey into the ancient past, and attempts to cast new light on a sometimes obscure period of the early history of Ireland. This exploration takes place through many different disciplines, which include, but are not limited to, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, mythology, spirituality and geodesy.

The great 5,000-year-old megalithic passage-tombs of Brú na Bóinne in the Boyne Valley represent the zenith of a phase of Irish prehistory that began with the introduction of farming around 6,000 years ago. Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are huge, enigmatic structures, that are the finest examples of a type of monument that is found scattered throughout Ireland, and of which there may be as many as 1,500 examples. None can compare to these three, though, in terms of size, grandeur, and their illustrious prominence in the ancient myths.

Anthony’s exploration encompasses many different facets of these great monuments. He invites you to step into this ancient world, and through the various media of words, photography and video/film, to enjoy a unique glimpse a past that seems very much alive.


Eolas Ársa

Séamus Draoigall

I am a south-american born Maker and Artist of Celtic descent living in and inspired by the beautiful land of Ireland. Like so many people and tribes before me, I came to these shores from far, far away, relentlessly heeding a call that was impossible to ignore, fighting through hell and heaven for the right to call this island my home.

All throughout my long journey into the arms of Éire, I led a mobile lifestyle supported by freelancing Illustration and Graphic Design work. I have done deep, extensive research into most aspects of Ireland’s complex and bountiful mythology, history, ancient laws and cosmovision, and I’m a supporter of any project that aims to bring back and repurpose the myriad treasures hidden in this tradition and puts it in service of our modern-world needs.

My final, ultimate objective as an Artist, the reason why I delve into this world so far deep, is the development, writing and production of a Graphic Novel that gives back even a tiny bit to the magic tradition of Ireland. Because I didn’t grow up here, I’m blessed in that I can come at all of its aspects from a clean slate, my experience not detracted by social biases.

Tuiscint na Talún

Eolas Ársa

Tuiscint na Talún means ‘wisdom of the land’; referring to the wisdom the land itself possesses. Tuiscint na Talún is an educational project that is focused on exploring ways of de-linking from colonial modernity in Ireland and re-connecting to indigenous ancestral lifeways that were attuned to the land. It encompasses a number of creative approaches and outlets that jointly seek to cultivate and explore different ways of re-connecting with the land and our ancestors through ancient sacred places in Ireland. Beyond single seminars and classes, it provides continuing teaching and learning support to people that wish to engage with the ideas and concepts further, as we recognise this can be daunting and exhausting work to undertake alone without any support.