Westcountry Willows

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Kate Burrows began weaving baskets while living deep in the woods in a
handmade strawbale and cob roundhouse.

Natural crafts and natural living on the land has always been Kates
passion throughout life.

Herself and husband Alan built their own home, keep goats, chickens and
geese and grow all their own food. Now living out on the bogs in
Ballinlough, County Roscommon, Kate has perfected her craft to make many
different types of basket for commissions,  market stalls, shows and
festivals, she also gives talks and demonstrations, and teaches basketry
workshops all over the country.

Her latest venture is weaving natural willow coffins using her home
grown irish willows planted throughout her land. Kate will be inviting
people into her workshop to help take part in weaving their loved ones
coffins if they so wish to, taking part in creating a really special
final resting place for their beloveds final journey can be a great

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Grow It Bio

Crainn, Tallamh

For every sale we plant one native tree or shrub.

Grow It Bio is small family business based in Co.Meath, run by
Tomas and Monika Novak, producing and supplying gardening products that
support biodiversity such Irish organic plant feeds, Handmade bee
hotels, Irish native wildflowers, bird food and more. Tomas and Monika
are passionate about nature, biodiversity and environment so since 2021
they started to plant Irish native trees for every order.



Future Forests


We are a family run business with a passion for growing and our environment, and one of the leading mail order plant providers in Ireland. With our roots firmly planted in the wilds of West Cork we have been inspired to work alongside our unique environmental heritage to evolve an ethical business where our values and ethos lead the way.

From humble beginnings 30 years ago we have been pioneering the gardens, orchards and woodlands of the future, developing to a committed, experienced team who are here to help you find what to grow and how best to grow it.

We love plants and aim to bring you the best quality and range to meet your specific needs. From beginner gardeners to seasoned growers we can help you to select the most suitable plants for your garden as well as your budget.

With years of business expertise behind us we have established strong relationships with growers and suppliers in Ireland and beyond to bring you the best possible range of high quality plants.

As our name suggests, the future is important to us. As growers, educators and innovators we believe we have the responsibility to protect and ensure the future of our diverse landscape and environment. Our intention is to leave a legacy that our future ancestors will be proud of. We’d love to support you to do so too.

What we do

At Future Forests we are passionate about sourcing and supplying some of the best plants in Europe. We are one of Ireland’s leading mail order plant suppliers and we have a nursery and garden centre in West Cork.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of the plants we offer. From native trees & hedging to perennial flowers and alpines our huge range caters for the new garden owner to the seasoned grower.  

We are engaged in the community

We also work with schools, community groups, country estates, landscapers and the farming community helping to source and select the right plants for all locations and situations. 

We offer plants for every site and situation

Live on a windy, coastal or shady site? We offer plants for challenging conditions too! 

We are experts in packing and shipping plants

We supply bareroot plants from November to April and a large variety of potted plants all year around. 

Run to Plant Trees



Run to Plant Trees is a cause and a call for climate action created by Baiba Šustere, yoga and meditation teacher, an avid runner and nature lover, who is based in Galway, Ireland.

Run to Plant Trees was a year-long fundraiser during which Baiba ran 2 half marathons, 3 marathons and 1 ultra marathon, altogether 232 km. The aim was to raise funds to plant native and indigenous Irish trees on the West Coast of Ireland with Hometree Charity. Baiba also created a platform which informs about the importance of trees, forests and biodiversity, and how it relates to local communities and climate crises. To achieve it Baiba not only ran 6 races along the West Coast of Ireland, but also organised fundraising events accessible to everyone in community. Run to Plant Trees created a platform to talk about current climate crises, importance of individual and systematic changes, about the beauty of our nature, and how important it is to respect and preserve it.

With Run to Plant Trees Baiba hopes that she brought this attitude of encouragement, strength and persistence into action, and encouraged each of you to do something you thought you will never achieve.

You are a part of nature. Stay kind, run and plant some trees.



Our work is to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.

Ireland was once a land of forests. At one time, up to 80% of the country was covered in native wildwood. Irish culture still contains echoes of this, in Ireland’s ‘tree alphabet’ – the ancient Ogham script – in the Gaelic names for common trees, folklore, and song.

Yet today, Ireland is the most deforested country in Europe. Just over 1% of that original forest cover remains. Hometree is changing this. Our vision is the restoration of Ireland’s ancient wildwood. Through conservation, afforestation and education, we aim to create a landscape in which people and forests flourish, together.

Hometree began in a small community garden project in winter 2015, where we saw how important it was for people to connect with nature. Five years on, hometree has planted over 30,000 pioneer trees like scots pine, willow and alder, while hundreds of people have contributed time and resources to the vision of incorporating more trees into the Irish landscape, bringing all the benefits that woodlands create.

Our current fundraising comes from partnerships, people and businesses who share and wish to support Hometree’s goals and those who are curious to educate themselves and connect to their sense of stewardship for the natural world. We’ve worked with over 50 businesses, from small startups to multinational organisations like Medtronic, the global leader in medical technology.

What began as a tree-planting charity is growing into a project which endeavours to deeply connect people with nature, and facilitates a wide variety of projects that are fundamental to addressing both Ireland’s declining biodiversity and the unfolding climate challenge.

Three Branches of Hometree



Niamh Geoghegan

Humanature focuses on wellbeing, creativity and connection. It offers bespoke programmes tailored for all ages interested in connecting in meaningful ways to the self, community and our natural environment.  By tapping into peoples innate creativity, our activities provide grounding, playful, educational and fulfilling experiences primarily in nature.

Nature mirrors our own innate creativity. Our ability as humans to imagine and create, separates us from the other animals we share this planet with. It is this ability to imagine, and then reimagine that can ultimately bring about change to benefit ourselves and our planet. How we choose to come into relationship with ourselves, other people and our environment defines the outcome.

Humanature offers the much needed balance in our ever growing digital world. People of all ages are spending less time outdoors and as a result our health and our planet’s health is suffering. Humanature aims to combat this by building creative and resilient communities that respect and care for their natural environment.

Reforestation Nation


Our mission is simple, plant trees, absorb CO2, transform our environment, increase biodiversity, and help educate people on why restoring nature is essential for all of us.

Ireland, was once the most forested country in Europe, over thousands of years of deforestation our forests where reduced to just 1% by the 1920’s. Since then our forest cover has increased to 11% still lower than any other country in Europe. This eleven-fold increase, however, is quite misleading, as only 2% of Ireland is actually covered in native Irish trees, the other 9% is non native conifer plantations. These mono-cultures provide very little habitat for our native wildlife as they spent millions of year evolving in a different ecosystem the other side of the planet.

We are a local Irish social enterprise with the purpose of helping restore the lost biodiversity of our local environment through the planting of native trees while helping people across Ireland and the world become carbon neutral. We will first plant ten thousand trees, once we have achieved this we will set a new goal to plant even more trees. Through the planting of these trees, 10 million kilograms of CO2 will be absorbed from the atmosphere helping Ireland achieve its climate change targets faster. These trees will provide nesting material, shelter and food for Ireland’s declining bird population. They will also act as cover for mammals like hedgehogs and badgers to allow them to wander the countryside undisturbed. Finally, they will also provide nectar for butterflies and bees, 30% of which could go extinct in the next ten years, if we don’t offer them a helping hand.

We can not do this alone. We will be partnering with land owners to plant trees on unused land and along field margins. We will be also be reaching out to the people and the businesses of Ireland to help achieve our goal of biodiversity and a better environment for us all to live in!

The Woodland League


The Woodland League is a not-for-profit, independent, community-based, non-denominational and non-political organisation. Our aim is to restore the relationship between people and their native woodlands.

We support the philosophy underpinning Agenda 21, the blueprint for a sustainable future agreed by 176 nations at Rio De Janero in 1992. This concept calls for the balancing of man-made systems and natural eco-systems. We are also guided by the Brehon law system of Ireland, which along with other ancient & indigenous people’s systems are the projenitors of this new wave of ecological thinking. The outdated model of development, which is still being followed, can not deliver a sustainable future for this planet. Agenda 21 provides a framework to create new models for sustainable development sorely needed at this juncture in time.

The Convention on Biological Diversity 1993, to which Ireland is a signatory, states that native forests must be granted highest priority for protection, conservation and enhancement. All stability in nature, of soil, air and water is conferred by native trees. The native trees of any place are nature’s highest achievement in the plant kingdom.

We are helping communities become aware of their rights and entitlements under Agenda 21, to clean air, soil and water via increased native woodlands. We hold walks and talks throughout the country promoting native woodland heritage and actively lobby to change Irish forestry policy.

Down to Earth


Down to earth forest school

We offer a range of sessions for all ages and abilities 

  • Little twigs toddler groups,
  • Wilderness clubs,
  • Woodland camps,
  • Summer camps with Brigits Garden from 5 -7 and 8-to 12.
  • Family forest fun days.
  • School visits.
  • Forest school introduction days for adults.
  • Forest school leadership training with the fabulous trainers from Huathe  https://www.huathe.org

Down to earth Traditional crafts

We offer workshops in traditional and natural crafts for both children and adults all around Ireland.