The Standing Stone

Eolas Ársa

Ireland has a rich and varied history, and this can be seen scattered across the land today. Every county has hundreds, if not thousands of places that point to its past. From ancient Neolithic tombs to modern fortified houses The Standing Stone brings you a closer look at the history that sits all around us. 
For over 11 years we have travelled around Ireland to look at these historical sites, and present them to you here. There are over four-hundred places listed on The Standing Stone, and more being uploaded regularly. 

In addition to our own posts we have several guest posts from a variety of archaeologists, historians, and professionals involved in Irish history and archaeology. There are also book reviews, and an extensive glossary. 

Subconsciously Conscious

Eolas Ársa

Peter Kelly is a Poet, Philosopher and overall Seeker of Truth. He brings his deep understanding of the psychological programs that form the layers we are here to unravel. An avid adept of the ancient mystery schools and ancient teachings, Peter works with the subconscious, identifying patterns and deciphering the symbolism contained within.

Through navigating the subconscious, Peter uses the wisdom he has learned throughout his life and through his own struggles and experiences to decipher the symbolism and patterns that communicate that true and Divine direction, that is in constant flow to us all. From his in depth knowledge on the ancient mystery schools, ancient wisdom, mythology, symbolism and esoteric teachings, Peter incorporates various methods in guiding you through your own personal patterns and symbols to allow you to find direction in your own path and in the way forward to honouring your true self.

Subconsciously Conscious is the approach to bring forth the realisation and being of our true selves, aligned to our spiritual centre and the freedom in the truth of our existence.

This approach takes the initiate through an understanding of their present perception and state of uncomfortable reality. This process will guide you to a clear understanding of how you have become this current version of yourself. The burning feeling of not fulfilling that deep internal calling and a clearer understanding of the true reality underlying all these negative constraints.

Following in the footsteps of the ancient mystery schools of Khemet, we take you deep into their ancient principle of “Man Know Thyself”, taking you on the steps as you navigate a deeper understanding of yourself.

With this deep personal understanding we help guide you back to your true self in liberating the true aspects of your nature; love, peace, compassion, joy and understanding and that true connection to source, your divine intuition and communicative line of personal truthful direction.

At Subconsciously Conscious, our mission is to guide you to the door, so that you can step forward and walk your own path to personal and spiritual freedom.

The Women of Ireland Project

Eolas Ársa

What influence has Ireland – its history, culture and society – had on the Women of Ireland, on who we are today and how we approach the world?

This is the question which has sparked this project.

I want to explore and better understand the experience of being a Woman of Ireland today and what has contributed to it. I am curious about how Ireland’s culture, history, social norms and social structures have influenced my worldviews, experiences and the way in which I approach the world as a woman. I want to explore this with other women who have grown up or lived in Ireland, experienced Irish culture or connect to Ireland in some way.

To answer this, this project has three main aims:

1. Research and Gather

Exploring women of Ireland in history by examining existing literature, academic research and historical texts on the role, experiences, treatment, activities and views of women of Ireland in the past. Gathering all of this information to better understand how Irish culture has influenced and been influenced by women.

2. Listen and Collect

Interview women of Ireland to collect their stories, perspectives, experiences, insights and opinions on what is like to be a woman of Ireland today.

3. Connect, Write and Share

Connect the findings of the interview study to the review of the historical literature to highlight areas were the women of Ireland today, may be impacted by the past. Write about these findings and share my experiences of doing this project with others so that more knowledge can be created and more stories can be told.


Danu Skincare

Eolas Ársa

My name is Sarah and I’m the founder of Danu Skincare, I’m based in County Kerry and surrounded by wild coastlines, wildlife, and flora.  I create products that are inspired by Irish plants and flowers, tapping into their healing and health properties. I use plants and flowers such as Comfrey and Gorse Flower, a mini revival of ancient Irish traditions and recognition of the power of mother nature.

I love Irish mythology, the name of my business was inspired by Danu; the most ancient of the Celtic gods, mother of the earth, wind, and all Celtic people. I like to think that we all have a little of Danu flowing in our veins!
I use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible, my packaging is recyclable and I only ship within Ireland 😊 I am a great believer in the shop local principle. Every time I create a new product sustainability is always forefront of mind.

Sugarloaf Botanics

Eolas Ársa

I’m Laura, a nurse and a mammy of two beautiful boys, and I’m lucky enough to call the Great Sugarloaf in Wicklow my home.
I love growing plants more than anything, and over the past few years have learned how to incorporate both local and cultivated plants and herbs into organic skin and body care to support us through the seasons. 

I grow, harvest, dry and infuse these plants into the oils that make these delicate and soothing products from my home here in Wicklow.  Everything is made in small batches, with a whole lot of care and attention and all our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. All our ingredients are organic where at all possible and I am always looking to work with ethical and local suppliers. 

Gerry Dalton Shamanic & Spiritual Healing

Eolas Ársa

Through my own experiences using Shamanic and Transpersonal Therapies to heal myself I have gained a deep sense of empathy and understanding for those struggling with chronic health challenges, feeling overwhelmed with life and disconnected from themselves.

I am based in the ancient sacred Boyne Valley in Ireland, in the valley beneath the megalithic site of Sliabh na Calliagh (Loughcrew). I am surrounded by the magical energy that drew our ancient shamanic ancestors to this area. I am inspired by the stones that they left on the hills and fields in the Boyne Valley with their cryptic messages from the distant past. When we sit at these places we can feel the power and energy that inspired our ancestors.

As I have connected deeper with the healing energy of our land and plants I have become more drawn to identify myself as a traditional ‘Fear Feasa’ (pronounced ‘Far Fasa’). The Fear Feasa were our indigenous medicine men known as Healers, Seers, Ceremonial Facilitators, Ones who walk between the worlds, intermediaries with the Sídhe, and skilled with the knowledge of herbs.

I use a holistic approach to working with clients, developing a treatment plan depending on what is required. I incorporate the following range of treatments; Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, Chelation Energy Healing, Shamanic Counselling and sound therapy.

Sunday Sessions at Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens

Eolas Ársa

A quiet tranquil space in rural Co. Sligo where nature joins traditions, and sources of stories and inspiration are abundant.

Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions is our online weekly time of exploring nature centred sidhe, water, and tree folklore, and connecting this to your favourite sanctuary spaces. From within our own Tree Labyrinth Garden we broadcast encouragement to contemplate this lore from within your own favourite nature sanctuary. Then express your inspired visions there through your poetry, writing, art, craft and problem solving.

Wild Irish Retreat

Eolas Ársa

When a language is lost it creates a rupture in the national psyche. To lose a language is to lose the knowledge of the environment and the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors, for without knowing our history, we cannot understand our present.  We are in need of a cure.

We believe that by awakening the language within, we awaken ancestral memories and the wild nature that is our heritage. 

To that end, we create a space and the activities for a person to connect with the wildness within and without.