Annie Hogg


I am a Tipperary based visual artist whose work and practice is around
being in nature as an equal participant.

Some of the materials I work with include soils and their microbes, rain
waters, mineral colours, tears and charred found natural objects.

I aim to look at our current ecological world situation through the lens
of questioning.

Since I was a pup, I have felt the desire to express love and rage for
the wild world and the domesticated world. This has culminated in many
ways throughout my live, with this more recent development of
channelling such things into an active creative practice, which is
suiting both me and the hound with whom I am privileged to spend my days
and ways.

I aim to create work through themes and materials which hold the
integrity of protest to bring about positive change and enable a view of
the world where we are each partakers as opposed to takers.

A second installation in a larger body of work around these themes will
be opening in late summer of 2024 in The Quadrangle Art Gallery at
University College Galway.


>> @anniehogg_thewildhedgeinkco

Grá Fiánta Herbal


My name is Leasha, I am a community folk herbalist living in

Grá fiánta means ‘fierce love’. This is the philosophy I live by,
particularly in my work as a community herbalist. My herbalism practice
is grounded in the city ecosystem and is guided by principles of
solidarity, mutual aid, and reciprocity.

Grá Fiánta Herbal exists to empower people and communities by making
plant medicine accessible. Knowledge is power, and through my work I
hope to reconnect people with the traditional knowledge of plant
medicine. I aim to mobilise plant medicine in support of people
experiencing marginalisation and oppression, as part of the wider
struggle for rights, community sovereignty, and justice.

Through Grá Fiánta Herbal I offer educational plant medicine workshops
in collaboration with community gardens and other local groups. I aim to
share the knowledge I have collected in ways that are accessible and

I also offer free and low-cost herbal teas, flower essences, and other

I also sell my writing work & other plant inspired creations.



Westcountry Willows

Crainn, Eolas Ársa, Tallamh, Uncategorized

Kate Burrows began weaving baskets while living deep in the woods in a
handmade strawbale and cob roundhouse.

Natural crafts and natural living on the land has always been Kates
passion throughout life.

Herself and husband Alan built their own home, keep goats, chickens and
geese and grow all their own food. Now living out on the bogs in
Ballinlough, County Roscommon, Kate has perfected her craft to make many
different types of basket for commissions,  market stalls, shows and
festivals, she also gives talks and demonstrations, and teaches basketry
workshops all over the country.

Her latest venture is weaving natural willow coffins using her home
grown irish willows planted throughout her land. Kate will be inviting
people into her workshop to help take part in weaving their loved ones
coffins if they so wish to, taking part in creating a really special
final resting place for their beloveds final journey can be a great




Grow It Bio

Crainn, Tallamh

For every sale we plant one native tree or shrub.

Grow It Bio is small family business based in Co.Meath, run by
Tomas and Monika Novak, producing and supplying gardening products that
support biodiversity such Irish organic plant feeds, Handmade bee
hotels, Irish native wildflowers, bird food and more. Tomas and Monika
are passionate about nature, biodiversity and environment so since 2021
they started to plant Irish native trees for every order.

The Phantom Planters


🌿I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place🌱

Lets make it a trend to love our home and create urban orchards for everyone.

The Phantom Planters is a group for all Phantom Planters, Guerrilla Gardeners, nature and community lovers to share their knowledge, exchange ideas on how to create fruit forests in our communities, reforest the landscape and generally unite us as a people to spread the ripples of love across our lands.

We can do this guys, I know we can!. 

It’s not up to anyone else, it’s up to us as Individuals. 

Food, water, clothes, shelter and a loving and compassionate community is all we need to survive, thrive and be alive happily! Better to ask for forgiveness than permission😎 Happy phantom planting!

Earthy Soul Mates Ireland

Earthy Soul Mates Ireland


Dating for lovers of nature, earth, art and soul

Our vision is to essentially bring together singles (or people in mutually-consentual open relationships) in Ireland who are good and lovely people, so that they might find a partner with similar life goals and values… values such as those associated with permaculture/gardening, off-grid/sustainable living, natural building, nomadic tendencies (vanlife!), spirituality/self-improvement, the great outdoors and an appreciation of nature. Creatives, thinkers, dreamers and doers; you are all welcome 🙂 This is an LGBT+ friendly space, inclusive of all genders and mutually consensual relationships styles. We expect all members to be welcoming and inclusive of all other members and to treat all others with respect. We invite you to introduce a bit about yourself and share one or more photos, describe who you are in this world, and let people know what you’re looking for. Put it out to the [earthy soul mates] universe!Perhaps you’re not too sure if you want a long-term relationship, but you might be open to it if you met the right person, that’s also alright! Many people prefer to build friendships first and hope that they might be pleasantly surprised by what organically grows from it (pun intended!). Please feel free to start conversation threads and get the chatting going!!

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Whistles for Refugees

Whistles for Refugees


“No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land”

Warsan Shire

We are dedicated to bring Whistles ,Tents Sleeping bags and other Aid to Refugee camps around the world.

As a great lady once taught me! If people don’t like music, animals and children, then they have no soul. Music is important, it changes thinking, it influences everybody, it can bring back emotions, hurt and heal. Music has no boundaries. Music in the soul can be heard in the universe.

This project came about through a collective group of music loving humanitarians. It is ironic how the tents that were collected came from music lovers attending festivals, but who chose to discard items that could benefit others. We aim to hold a fundraiser to allow our volunteers to actually deliver aid, along with education. Whistles for Refugees came about as it is the most portable instrument and can be tucked even in a pocket. We have an experienced group of volunteers who have experienced life and how music shaped that life. We have a great team of people on board who want to make a change. Our aim through compassion, music, art and poetry is to bring joy and education to others.

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True Harvest Seeds



At True Harvest Seeds we collect seeds from native origin plants growing in the wild. We preserve the collections in the Seed Bank at Kilclief, County Down. The seed is available for the restoration of plants back into the wild.

A gene bank for Ireland’s wild plants

Established as a charity, so that the collections stay in the public domain, True Harvest Seeds is conserving Ireland’s indigenous seed-bearing plants by securely storing their seeds. Through the generous donations of seeds from local public and private landowners we are populating a seed bank. The seeds and associated material are cared for at our Seed Centre, Kilclief, Co Down. Associated material includes a herbarium specimen, a DNA sample photographs of plant and seed and last but by no means least data, without which the collection would be of little value.
This work will ensure the security of our natural capital into the future. Seed and access to material and data may be requested by bona fide individuals and organisations.

Our planned expeditions to make the high quality scientific seed collections take us the length and breadth of the island. We talk to local people, land owners and managers to find out as much as possible about target populations and if there is any doubt about their origin we choose a different population to make a collection from.

Wild Acre Farm


Claire Templar has been living at Wild Acre Farm, near Ballyhaunis since 2015.

Originally from the UK she moved to Ireland in order to live closer to the land and explore self sufficiency and living more lightly on the earth, with food production and vegetable growing always a core part of this. Production has increased year on year as her skills and experience of growing in this challenging climate increased.

Wild Acre Farm has a one acre garden, designed using Permaculture Principles, including orchard and perennial systems with a 1/3 acre no dig vegetable garden and 2 polytunnels which house tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines and herbs in the summer, and are used for salad growing through the winter.

Claire has always gardened here using ‘more than organic’ no-dig methods and has a keen interest in Permaculture design and regenerative agriculture to rebuild soil and grow nutrient and mineral dense, healthy, abundant fresh vegetables, fruits and salads.

She has also been teaching Permaculture, gardening and practical skills here since 2017.

Before moving to Ireland, Claire was a systems designer, project manager, business process engineer, computer programmer, IT trainer, chef, horse riding instructor, kindergarten teacher, clothes designer and multiple business owner. Not all at the same time obviously… but she doesn’t really like to sit still…