Súil on Craic – Declaration of Intention and Terms


Súil an Craic is an independently-organised outdoor experience by a small number of people, whose intention is to encourage local tourism, highlight Ireland’s intangible heritage, open a new possible way of pilgrimage and engage in holy well care-taking along the way.

– The invitation is open to other interested, self-relying individuals to join in; as long as they commit to leaning on their own resources to being able to participate. Participants will be taking full responsibility for their own transportation, equipment, food, medical needs and adherence to safety practices. There is no economic exchange to participate, and though community, sharing and exchanging is of course encouraged, every walker is expected to be 100% self-sufficient upon their choice to join the walk. Walkers do so by their own initiative and will, private resources and personal abilities.

– We hope participants will contribute their own personal skills, abilities and knowledge for the benefit of the group, in a dynamic where everyone can shine in what they do best, and learn what they don’t know. We intend for experts in various fields to join us at different legs of the journey to offer a learning experience for everyone involved.

– Participants are welcome to join in and off at any point during the experience upon their own judgement, and everyone present in the walk is committed to contribute to an atmosphere of transparency, integrity and grace.

– We will be engaging in cleaning, up-keeping and caring for holy wells along the way, so any relevant tools and equipment for such activity are of course welcome.

– We encourage open and true communications as far as our group dynamics is concerned; and expect the group as a whole to behave with dignity and respect for the land, communities and individuals around us. We intend to open frequent Talking Circles to make decisions and deal with arising issues, and we strongly want to keep the event free from self-serving, petty or egoistical behaviours.

– The walk’s route follows an established direction and a number of milestones, but it is not 100% defined as the objective is to offer flexibility and discovery. We have agreed on a daily walking distance cap of 15kms per day at most, but intending to keep it around 10kms per day on average. As context needs and allows, there will be days-long stops at certain points. While we expect to reach our destination in County Meath around the beginnings of October at the latest, we reserve the flexibility to flow into whatever length the journey may take.

– We recognize that an experience like this can have a great impact on a personal, psychological and spiritual levels, so while as a community we offer assistance and help along the way, we encourage Walkers to have a support network and communicate as clearly as possible any struggles that they may be going through.

– Everyone is responsible for their own equipment and we adhere strongly to a LEAVE NO TRACE attitude. Camps along the way are to be kept tidy at all times, and cleaned during stay and before departing, and every Walker is responsible for his or her own rubbish.

– This is an alcohol-free experience. We expect the physical challenge of the experience to be mild, but every participant is responsible for judging their own capacities and endurance needed.

– No participant or facilitator is liable for injury, loss of personal belongings or damage of any kind.

Please note: Walkers are encouraged to adhere to Public Safety guidances in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic and are responsible for carrying the necessary items like rubbing alcohol and facemasks.