Callan Harps


Brian Callan

My name is Brian Callan.

I am originally from Ardee in Co. Louth but I now live outside Craughwell in Co. Galway with my wife and two boys.

My interest in woodwork began in school where I was lucky enough to have a teacher whose passion for the skill inspired me to make a career from it when I left school.

After running my own cabinet making business for several years, I returned to college to become a woodwork teacher and spent seven years teaching. Following the birth of my children, I took a career break to become a stay-at-home dad while my wife worked as a musician and music teacher.

The harp’s accessible sound and therapeutic value makes it the ideal native instrument with which to introduce preschool children to music.

Researching the topic quickly made me realise very few harps were actually made in Ireland, despite the instrument being our national emblem. I started working on many templates until I manufactured a first prototype in December 2011.

I have now developed a range of fully hand-crafted harps made from locally sourced, naturally felled Irish native timber where possible. My harps are designed to suit all ages and abilities.

Celtic Fusion


Regina Tierney

Based in the west of Ireland, Our vision for clothing is that is should tell a story of place and culture and this is reflected in how the textile feels and the symbolism which echoes to the subconscious reminding us of a ancient part of ourselves which is also timeless.

The Cloth we select is predominantly Natural and handwoven. We use ancient Celtic and Viking imagery in our designs to celebrate our place and ancestors. We strive to create high quality creative Celtic inspired designs that speak to the heart.

Aum Stone


Luke Reddy

This project is my endeavor to reconnect people to nature through creative expression. I hope that the artwork I create holds meaning and significance to its owner or to the viewer. I hope that it provokes thought, and in doing so, pays homage to the ancient cultures of the world. Cultures who I believe shared a deeper connection and lived more harmoniously with our great Mother Earth.

Why Aum ?

Aum is a Sanskrit word & symbol, which is said to mean ‘the supreme vibration by which all things are brought into manifestation’. It also coincidentally sounds a lot like the pronunciation of a very important, ancient Gaelic script, Ogham – believed to be the first script that the Irish language was ever written in. Before Ogham, the Irish language was an oral tradition and so too was all of the knowledge and wisdom that it contained. Some studies suggest that Ogham was created as a secret cryptic script to hide and preserve knowledge from the invading Roman and Christian crusades. Usually I don’t love a play on words, but ‘Aum’ felt fitting. Interestingly enough, some early Irish bares strong resemblance to Sanskrit and even shares many words, with both most likely having origins stemming from a common Indo-European language spoken 5000 years ago or more. Stone is a beautiful and ancient natural material, words and language are incredibly powerful tools, engraving words permanently into stone is my way of amplifying their significance. I could go on for days, and in my blog, I intend to, that it precisely why we invented blogs. But for the moment this is just a brief introduction to the project.

Donegal Pens


Rónán & Conor Mc Garvey.

Donegal Pens was established in 2010 by brothers Rónán & Conor Mc Garvey, then aged just 13 and 10 years. To date the pens are stocked in shops in Ireland, Europe and the US as well as being available direct from the website with worldwide shipping.

Choose from our range of hand crafted wooden pens, turned and assembled in the Donegal Gaeltacht in Ireland.

All pens are individually hand crafted in our workshop at Loughanure, County Donegal. Each pen is unique, receiving personal attention from start to finish and will be a gift to treasure.

The pens are individually turned and polished and then carefully examined to ensure a high quality. We create pens in many types of wood including Bog Oak, Yew, Ash, Elm, Olive, Beech, Cherry, Laburnum, Red Cedar, Purple Heart, Oak, Maple, Pear, Walnut & Spalted Beech.

We welcome you to browse our website and see the full range of our products.

Mythical Ireland

Eolas Ársa

Anthony Murphy

Mythical Ireland was established in March of the year 2000 by journalist, author and researcher Anthony Murphy. The website represents a journey into the ancient past, and attempts to cast new light on a sometimes obscure period of the early history of Ireland. This exploration takes place through many different disciplines, which include, but are not limited to, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, mythology, spirituality and geodesy.

The great 5,000-year-old megalithic passage-tombs of Brú na Bóinne in the Boyne Valley represent the zenith of a phase of Irish prehistory that began with the introduction of farming around 6,000 years ago. Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are huge, enigmatic structures, that are the finest examples of a type of monument that is found scattered throughout Ireland, and of which there may be as many as 1,500 examples. None can compare to these three, though, in terms of size, grandeur, and their illustrious prominence in the ancient myths.

Anthony’s exploration encompasses many different facets of these great monuments. He invites you to step into this ancient world, and through the various media of words, photography and video/film, to enjoy a unique glimpse a past that seems very much alive.