Aum Stone


Luke Reddy

This project is my endeavor to reconnect people to nature through creative expression. I hope that the artwork I create holds meaning and significance to its owner or to the viewer. I hope that it provokes thought, and in doing so, pays homage to the ancient cultures of the world. Cultures who I believe shared a deeper connection and lived more harmoniously with our great Mother Earth.

Why Aum ?

Aum is a Sanskrit word & symbol, which is said to mean ‘the supreme vibration by which all things are brought into manifestation’. It also coincidentally sounds a lot like the pronunciation of a very important, ancient Gaelic script, Ogham – believed to be the first script that the Irish language was ever written in. Before Ogham, the Irish language was an oral tradition and so too was all of the knowledge and wisdom that it contained. Some studies suggest that Ogham was created as a secret cryptic script to hide and preserve knowledge from the invading Roman and Christian crusades. Usually I don’t love a play on words, but ‘Aum’ felt fitting. Interestingly enough, some early Irish bares strong resemblance to Sanskrit and even shares many words, with both most likely having origins stemming from a common Indo-European language spoken 5000 years ago or more. Stone is a beautiful and ancient natural material, words and language are incredibly powerful tools, engraving words permanently into stone is my way of amplifying their significance. I could go on for days, and in my blog, I intend to, that it precisely why we invented blogs. But for the moment this is just a brief introduction to the project.