Heal Boy


My name is Robert Arbuckle, I come from Derry in the North of the island of Eire. and Heal Boy is an artistic project I created in 2019.

Through the lens of my own experiences as a songwriter, poet, spiritual seeker and environmentalist, I explore and highlight the symbiotic harmony between the emotional and environmental aspects of our existence, how environment reflects on our nature and our nature reflects on the environment, and the impact on our holistic well-being when that relationship is disrupted.

With Heal Boy I express my own experiences of healing and what I’ve learnt and use my art to process these experiences

Clare Kelly


A COMMUNITY Artist of sorts… In many mediums and designs, portraits from photographs or from life. Clare Kelly creates commissioned art for clients nationally and internationally. Living in Ireland’s Midlands currently and enjoying co-creating the New Earth

Her many interests include Folk, Fairy, the Angelic and Shamanic Realms. Can be contacted at clarekellyartist@gmail.com for further information and details.

Conscious Concert


Welcome here!

Do you dream of a better future? Do you sometimes find it difficult to fit into the society we have created? Conscious Concert is an inspiring day of wisdom talks and healing music that creates a safe space for you to connect with like-minded people who share a vision for a better world.

At Conscious Concerts we recognise that the world is going through tremendous change and that our planet, in many ways, is out of balance.

On an individual level people are yearning for something deeper within, some call it spirituality, others say it’s just a search for greater meaning in their lives. Many feel that as a society we have become more divided and lost our sense of community.

Conscious Concerts organise national events that hope to address these concerns. We are building a community of like minded people who strive to live a healthy and balanced life in harmony with their neighbours and friends. We are at the forefront of what’s happening globally, setting trends and bringing speakers to Ireland which more conservative events wouldn’t consider. We are not traditional, we believe in positive change and transformation for all who want it.

We are growing and we want you to grow with us. Come along and be a part of our special journey.



Colorínmade is a one-woman business run by Malú Colorín. She’s a Mexican natural dyer and designer living in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She inherited her name and a calling for textile art from her mother and grandmother. With a background in graphic design and fine arts, in 2018 she began her experimentations and research into natural dyes.

Her work draws inspiration from the traditional garments of her native Mexico, while embracing the rich heritage of Irish textiles. By working slowly and mindfully, she aims to build an intimate connection with each of her dye sources, as well as the land where they grow.

Colorínmade offers naturally-dyed accessories, workshops in English and Spanish and inks made from plants and insects. Our first naturally-dyed capsule collection of linen garments will be launched in 2021.

O. F. Celtic Blacksmithing


Ollie Flood

I’m a young Irish blacksmith specialising in tools, trinkets, and jewellery with Celtic, Norse, and Pagan designs.

I started O.F Celtic Blacksmithing to promote a simpler life and a love of ancient techniques, and design in a material that famously corrodes to nothing, leaving few primary sources to enjoy of the true apex of Celtic ironwork. I have contacted experimental archaeologists and do my own trial and error research on how tools and accessories would logically have been made by hand at the anvil. Everything after the hammer and anvil in my shop was made by me: from rivets to tongs, punches to chisels and  I hope I can inspire others to take the plunge into traditional ironwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding moonshot projects both big, small and everything in between. I aim to be the village blacksmith of the online generation so please don’t be shy!