Ekeko crafts was born from the desire to provide alternative fashion for wild and free souls! Comfortable and functional music festival clothing, tribal jewelry, accessories and utility belts with sacred geometry designs in a pixie gypsy style. Radical Burning Man fashion, natural fabrics perfect for yoga, dance, flow arts and fire performance, psytrance parties, EDM events, and expressing your bohemian soul with style!

Ekeko crafts was conceived in Australia, unbeknownst to itself, a little like an unplanned pregnancy.

Inspire Your Body began first, and could be called ekeko’s mother. The Inspire Your Body stall was found at markets and festivals around Byron Bay and supplied a range of organic and sustainable funky clothing. During this journey, the seeds of inspiration were sprouted to create our own designs and many new ideas were born.

The time came to leave Australia and return to Ireland, the home land. The journey back was long so was broken up with some travels in Asia. This is where we built relationships with wonderful tailors and jewelers who could manifest the design ideas into reality. Here we worked on creating prototype samples and experimented with different fabrics and materials.

Finally the designs were produced and made the long journey across the seas to Ireland, where they were featured exclusively at markets and festivals for the first few years.

We first launched our product range online on Etsy in 2015, and launched our own website in 2017. We are now delighted to be able to reach all those wild spirited folk who rock our designs far across the globe, and feel so grateful for the continued support from our happy customers!