Callan Harps


Brian Callan

My name is Brian Callan.

I am originally from Ardee in Co. Louth but I now live outside Craughwell in Co. Galway with my wife and two boys.

My interest in woodwork began in school where I was lucky enough to have a teacher whose passion for the skill inspired me to make a career from it when I left school.

After running my own cabinet making business for several years, I returned to college to become a woodwork teacher and spent seven years teaching. Following the birth of my children, I took a career break to become a stay-at-home dad while my wife worked as a musician and music teacher.

The harp’s accessible sound and therapeutic value makes it the ideal native instrument with which to introduce preschool children to music.

Researching the topic quickly made me realise very few harps were actually made in Ireland, despite the instrument being our national emblem. I started working on many templates until I manufactured a first prototype in December 2011.

I have now developed a range of fully hand-crafted harps made from locally sourced, naturally felled Irish native timber where possible. My harps are designed to suit all ages and abilities.



Séamus Draoigall

I am a south-american born Maker and Artist of Celtic descent living in and inspired by the beautiful land of Ireland. Like so many people and tribes before me, I came to these shores from far, far away, relentlessly heeding a call that was impossible to ignore, fighting through hell and heaven for the right to call this island my home.

All throughout my long journey into the arms of Éire, I led a mobile lifestyle supported by freelancing Illustration and Graphic Design work. I have done deep, extensive research into most aspects of Ireland’s complex and bountiful mythology, history, ancient laws and cosmovision, and I’m a supporter of any project that aims to bring back and repurpose the myriad treasures hidden in this tradition and puts it in service of our modern-world needs.

My final, ultimate objective as an Artist, the reason why I delve into this world so far deep, is the development, writing and production of a Graphic Novel that gives back even a tiny bit to the magic tradition of Ireland. Because I didn’t grow up here, I’m blessed in that I can come at all of its aspects from a clean slate, my experience not detracted by social biases.