Ekeko crafts was born from the desire to provide alternative fashion for wild and free souls! Comfortable and functional music festival clothing, tribal jewelry, accessories and utility belts with sacred geometry designs in a pixie gypsy style. Radical Burning Man fashion, natural fabrics perfect for yoga, dance, flow arts and fire performance, psytrance parties, EDM events, and expressing your bohemian soul with style!

Ekeko crafts was conceived in Australia, unbeknownst to itself, a little like an unplanned pregnancy.

Inspire Your Body began first, and could be called ekeko’s mother. The Inspire Your Body stall was found at markets and festivals around Byron Bay and supplied a range of organic and sustainable funky clothing. During this journey, the seeds of inspiration were sprouted to create our own designs and many new ideas were born.

The time came to leave Australia and return to Ireland, the home land. The journey back was long so was broken up with some travels in Asia. This is where we built relationships with wonderful tailors and jewelers who could manifest the design ideas into reality. Here we worked on creating prototype samples and experimented with different fabrics and materials.

Finally the designs were produced and made the long journey across the seas to Ireland, where they were featured exclusively at markets and festivals for the first few years.

We first launched our product range online on Etsy in 2015, and launched our own website in 2017. We are now delighted to be able to reach all those wild spirited folk who rock our designs far across the globe, and feel so grateful for the continued support from our happy customers!

Native Circles Art


Native Circles are a set of simple illustrations that create space for nature connection and self reflection in our living space. 

Native Circles are now available as Limited Edition prints on paper and as prints mounted onto birchwood with a specially designed stand that can be placed on a table or hung on the wall.

Slow down to check in on the moon phases or reflect on the seasonal changes around you. These cycles can offer us perspective, flow and a sense of grounding in the world around us. 

Think of them as a field guide to a simpler life more connected with the wonder of the natural world.

Blooming Native


Blooming Native Wildflowers Seeds have been at the heart of my family history since 1859, when my great great great grandfather, William Power, opened his first nursery, florist, and seed merchant’s business in Waterford.

Since then, the Power family business has been centred on quality seed production and continues to operate a successful agricultural seed business.

With a passion for our environment, I want to share how wildflower seeds can play their part in biodiversity and reveal the joy of Native Wildflowers in our ecosystem. I am grateful to be able to harness my family expertise in seed and continue this tradition as a new and sixth generation of the Power family.

William Power & Co florist Waterford

Sowing wildflower seeds will provide a habitat for pollinators, seeds for wild birds, support biodiversity, promote our wellbeing and bring us joy. Blooming Native mixes can be used anywhere, whether it be your garden or the greater countryside. 

Native Wildflower seeds will reward in so many ways.

Give it a go!

Anamcara Books

Eolas Ársa

In Celtic Christianity, an Anamchara is a soul friend, a companion and mentor (often across the miles and the years) in life’s long journey through the spiritual realm. Soul friendship is a commitment to both accept and challenge the other; to cut across all divisions to the truth that is found everywhere, in all of life. Following in the footsteps of this ancient heritage, Anamchara Books is committed to creating a community of soul friends who are both authors and readers.

Our mission is to publish books that build bridges:

  • between spiritual perspectives and religious traditions;
  • between the wisdom of the past and the demands of modern life;
  • between ourselves and the Earth;
  • and between ourselves and the Divine.

Ireland Sacred Water


Keri Sherlock

In 2015 Keri designed a collection of sacred vessels inspired by her love, interest and fascination with the use of sacred water throughout Ireland’s history. There are hundreds of holy wells scattered throughout Ireland’s landscape, regularly maintained and still used by locals. The water rituals and the holy sites are something to behold and a visit would be encouraged to all. It is a thrilling adventure in locating and finding the Holy Wells, similar to a treasure hunt there are stories of legend and hidden trinkets to be discovered.Keri introduced a number of beautifully handmade water containers to contain collected sacred Irish water. These charming keepsake items make the perfect gift, a token of spiritual Ireland. The handmade clay bottles are glazed beautifully. If requested they can be filled with sacred water from a Holy Well in Ireland or blessed water from a sacred site. By definition sacred water is not for sale, the water is a gift adding a special value to the items.“Holy Wells” and sacred waters in Ireland hold a unique role as a symbol of the Irish culture and a connection with the natural environment. The holy well tradition is believed to date back to the pre-Christian era when they had deities and performed ceremonies at the springs. The well water itself is extremely important. Particular minerals and elements have been found at a number of sites, due to the water coming up from deep underground, springing from the earth in its purest form. The spring waters of Ireland have always been and are still being collected and used for blessings, protection and cure.Each ceramic bottles (9cm x 6cm ) is packaged beautifully and would make a lovely token, souvenir or gift. Accompanying the items is a small information leaflet describing the sacred site and the background to this Irish tradition.



Colorínmade is a one-woman business run by Malú Colorín. She’s a Mexican natural dyer and designer living in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. She inherited her name and a calling for textile art from her mother and grandmother. With a background in graphic design and fine arts, in 2018 she began her experimentations and research into natural dyes.

Her work draws inspiration from the traditional garments of her native Mexico, while embracing the rich heritage of Irish textiles. By working slowly and mindfully, she aims to build an intimate connection with each of her dye sources, as well as the land where they grow.

Colorínmade offers naturally-dyed accessories, workshops in English and Spanish and inks made from plants and insects. Our first naturally-dyed capsule collection of linen garments will be launched in 2021.

O. F. Celtic Blacksmithing


Ollie Flood

I’m a young Irish blacksmith specialising in tools, trinkets, and jewellery with Celtic, Norse, and Pagan designs.

I started O.F Celtic Blacksmithing to promote a simpler life and a love of ancient techniques, and design in a material that famously corrodes to nothing, leaving few primary sources to enjoy of the true apex of Celtic ironwork. I have contacted experimental archaeologists and do my own trial and error research on how tools and accessories would logically have been made by hand at the anvil. Everything after the hammer and anvil in my shop was made by me: from rivets to tongs, punches to chisels and  I hope I can inspire others to take the plunge into traditional ironwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding moonshot projects both big, small and everything in between. I aim to be the village blacksmith of the online generation so please don’t be shy!