Reforestation Nation


Our mission is simple, plant trees, absorb CO2, transform our environment, increase biodiversity, and help educate people on why restoring nature is essential for all of us.

Ireland, was once the most forested country in Europe, over thousands of years of deforestation our forests where reduced to just 1% by the 1920’s. Since then our forest cover has increased to 11% still lower than any other country in Europe. This eleven-fold increase, however, is quite misleading, as only 2% of Ireland is actually covered in native Irish trees, the other 9% is non native conifer plantations. These mono-cultures provide very little habitat for our native wildlife as they spent millions of year evolving in a different ecosystem the other side of the planet.

We are a local Irish social enterprise with the purpose of helping restore the lost biodiversity of our local environment through the planting of native trees while helping people across Ireland and the world become carbon neutral. We will first plant ten thousand trees, once we have achieved this we will set a new goal to plant even more trees. Through the planting of these trees, 10 million kilograms of CO2 will be absorbed from the atmosphere helping Ireland achieve its climate change targets faster. These trees will provide nesting material, shelter and food for Ireland’s declining bird population. They will also act as cover for mammals like hedgehogs and badgers to allow them to wander the countryside undisturbed. Finally, they will also provide nectar for butterflies and bees, 30% of which could go extinct in the next ten years, if we don’t offer them a helping hand.

We can not do this alone. We will be partnering with land owners to plant trees on unused land and along field margins. We will be also be reaching out to the people and the businesses of Ireland to help achieve our goal of biodiversity and a better environment for us all to live in!