Niamh Geoghegan

Humanature focuses on wellbeing, creativity and connection. It offers bespoke programmes tailored for all ages interested in connecting in meaningful ways to the self, community and our natural environment.  By tapping into peoples innate creativity, our activities provide grounding, playful, educational and fulfilling experiences primarily in nature.

Nature mirrors our own innate creativity. Our ability as humans to imagine and create, separates us from the other animals we share this planet with. It is this ability to imagine, and then reimagine that can ultimately bring about change to benefit ourselves and our planet. How we choose to come into relationship with ourselves, other people and our environment defines the outcome.

Humanature offers the much needed balance in our ever growing digital world. People of all ages are spending less time outdoors and as a result our health and our planet’s health is suffering. Humanature aims to combat this by building creative and resilient communities that respect and care for their natural environment.