Subconsciously Conscious

Eolas Ársa

Peter Kelly is a Poet, Philosopher and overall Seeker of Truth. He brings his deep understanding of the psychological programs that form the layers we are here to unravel. An avid adept of the ancient mystery schools and ancient teachings, Peter works with the subconscious, identifying patterns and deciphering the symbolism contained within.

Through navigating the subconscious, Peter uses the wisdom he has learned throughout his life and through his own struggles and experiences to decipher the symbolism and patterns that communicate that true and Divine direction, that is in constant flow to us all. From his in depth knowledge on the ancient mystery schools, ancient wisdom, mythology, symbolism and esoteric teachings, Peter incorporates various methods in guiding you through your own personal patterns and symbols to allow you to find direction in your own path and in the way forward to honouring your true self.

Subconsciously Conscious is the approach to bring forth the realisation and being of our true selves, aligned to our spiritual centre and the freedom in the truth of our existence.

This approach takes the initiate through an understanding of their present perception and state of uncomfortable reality. This process will guide you to a clear understanding of how you have become this current version of yourself. The burning feeling of not fulfilling that deep internal calling and a clearer understanding of the true reality underlying all these negative constraints.

Following in the footsteps of the ancient mystery schools of Khemet, we take you deep into their ancient principle of “Man Know Thyself”, taking you on the steps as you navigate a deeper understanding of yourself.

With this deep personal understanding we help guide you back to your true self in liberating the true aspects of your nature; love, peace, compassion, joy and understanding and that true connection to source, your divine intuition and communicative line of personal truthful direction.

At Subconsciously Conscious, our mission is to guide you to the door, so that you can step forward and walk your own path to personal and spiritual freedom.