O. F. Celtic Blacksmithing


Ollie Flood

I’m a young Irish blacksmith specialising in tools, trinkets, and jewellery with Celtic, Norse, and Pagan designs.

I started O.F Celtic Blacksmithing to promote a simpler life and a love of ancient techniques, and design in a material that famously corrodes to nothing, leaving few primary sources to enjoy of the true apex of Celtic ironwork. I have contacted experimental archaeologists and do my own trial and error research on how tools and accessories would logically have been made by hand at the anvil. Everything after the hammer and anvil in my shop was made by me: from rivets to tongs, punches to chisels and  I hope I can inspire others to take the plunge into traditional ironwork.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding moonshot projects both big, small and everything in between. I aim to be the village blacksmith of the online generation so please don’t be shy!