Amie Maria


The Art of Freedom

Amie is a visionary artist, poet, healer and spiritual guide. Her work is a sharing of universal truth, freedom and love, to awaken our souls truest nature. 

Beyond the self, and the unconscious illusions of mind, is a vast space of conscious power and freedom. Here, there is a ground of being that connects us to the very matter of existence itself. There is a radiant life force that flows, like water, in an effortless rhythm, facilitating a surrender to what is, in our moment to moment reality. There is a glowing power, that is capable of the greatest bravery and courage. There is a heart that sings, with the lightness of air, as gentle as a summer breeze. And there is endless space. To eternity. To breathe. To be at peace. To be at one with all that is. To be life itself. Awakening to this truth, and embodying it, is the purpose of our being. 

This state of conscious wholeness is alive in you now; it is just hiding behind your hurts. Amie works one-to-one with inquisitive souls, to guide the being beyond the mind, into the expanse of infinite consciousness, traversing the landscapes of awakening and beyond, into the embodiment of realisation. 

Amie uses her art and words to communicate and share the essence and feeling of this truth.