Celtic Fox Herbal

Eolas Ársa

Luke Heron, also known as Celtic Fox, is a forager, naturopath and student Herbalist based in Ireland.

He was born and bred in an Irish household in France. He was lucky to have been able to enjoy the freedom of the countryside in a small village in the middle of the Champagne region called Essômes-sur-marne. He spent most of his time outside and was surrounded by local stories about animals, plants and their value. He just generally ran wild in the local forests and through the vineyard hill. His life’s journey brought him to a full dedication to nature. It began after leaving his career behind which he worked in for over a decade after moving over to Northern Ireland. He fell ill, both physically and mentally while working religiously 5 days a week, 9am to 5pm, in between the four walls of an office. After a decade of living under the pressures of modern life and having bad lifestyle habits, his health was down the chute, he never spent time outside and his stress levels where off the chart.

It was thanks to his (re)discovery of a more natural lifestyle and the determination to get better that he found his health again. He received great help and support by herbalists and peers who both treated him and taught him so much.

He wanted to be three things as a child: a gardener, a chef and a doctor. He was told back then that it was impossible, yet here he is, studying and on his journey to becoming a registered clinical Herbalist. A career encompassing all three of his passions. Now that he’s much happier, empowered and ambitious, he wants to share this wonderful new perspective of life with those who will listen through his experiences, workshops, walks and talks.