Wild Routes Ireland


What sets Wild Routes Ireland apart?

We call our tours ‘Wild Routes Ireland’ for a precise reason, because we select our destinations for either their outstanding natural beauty or their ecological, cultural, or mystical significance. You won’t read about them in guide books and are unlikely to find any other tour that includes them. We’ve also formed deep relationships with some of the country’s most respected guides and experts in forest ecology, herbalism, wild food foraging, traditional storytelling, and more to share their passions with you.

On a Wild Routes Tour you will walk in some of Ireland’s most ecologically important native woodlands, sit with one of its oldest trees, touch the ancient stones that have stood since before the time of the pyramids, get to know the local plants and dine on wild local foods, learn of the ancient customs and Brehon laws of Ireland and delight in stories about the little people or ‘daoine sidhe’ as they are locally known. You will be given plenty of opportunities to take a moment to yourself along the Wild Routes we travel, to take a breath and tune into the subtle energies of each place.

Many people experience a sense of coming home in Ireland. It is known by many that the veil is thin here meaning that the spirit world is very close and easy to enter. The sacred trees and fairy hills come alive and dance with the magic of the otherworld. Ireland has long been a place of spiritual pilgrimage, a place of deep healing and inspiration. There is a magic that pervades the landscape, the trees and the people. It is the return to these magical realms that perhaps is the return home many experience.