Singing the Land


Singing the Land is a way to deeply connect to the energies of nature and the interconnectedness of all life through the voice and singing. It is a way of blessing the land and bringing harmony to our lives and the world around us. The voice is a powerful tool for healing and connection – it brings us automatically into relationship with ourselves and the world around us, and accessing our natural and authentic voice can bring us into alignment with our own truth and power, catalysing positive change and healing in our lives.

Singing the Land runs voice and chanting workshops to connect with nature, with ourselves and with the sacred, as well as concerts and concert-meditations of sacred and Earth-inspired music. We also celebrate the seasonal Earth festivals and offer sacred tours of the Hill of Tara.

Everyone has a unique and beautiful voice to express and share, and connecting with it can be a source of deep personal power and healing, and a beautiful blessing for the Earth and each other. Our mission is to provide a space for people to connect with and express their unique voice and the healing and empowerment it can bring.

Singing the Land is run by singer, musician and shamanic practitioner Elaine Ní Chiardha, who has spent many years exploring voice, sound, music, spirituality, healing and connection to the Earth.