Áine Brosnan

Eolas Ársa

I am a Sacred Journey Guide, Archaeologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Healer and Spiritual Celebrant with Spiritual Ceremonies.ie.

I began my spiritual training in 2002 as an apprentice to Amantha Murphy, international Spiritual Teacher and clairvoyant guide.

I studied archaeology in University College Cork, where my early studies focussed on Síle na gig, the iconic Irish female totem. Later I completed a masters thesis on the burial practices of 1000yrs of burials at The St. Brendan foundation at Ardfert, Co Kerry. This experience gave me a great awareness and a strong reverence for the ancestors and their influences on our lives.

As a child I always had a very uplifting spiritual connection with the land, spending a lot of time at my grandmother’s farm, where there were several ancient burial mounds and a castle that enlivened my childhood imagination. This farm was located not far from the Hill of Uisneach, now famous as the Axis Mundi and the Dreamtime of Irish Mysticism. This potent place of ceremony is my spiritual home.

On a school visit to Newgrange as a child I had my first awakening to the powerful telluric earth energies of that special place which led me on the path of Myth, Magic and Shamanism, connecting me to the ancestors of this land and the sacred land of Eriú.