A Time to Gather

Eolas Ársa

Tanya Bryan

Grief and Praise are intrinsic to my acknowledgment of this human existence, for all things immeasurable, seen and unseen. Two key things are required for me to engage, weep and laugh. This is how I connect to the beauty of it ALL. Through my own personal process work I began to use the art-form of Lament to release the narrative of trauma and disconnection. This skill was made available to me when I connected to GOD/Spirit/The Web of Life in an expanded state experience. Over fours years of deep self process work (suspended my psychotherapeutic practice) I developed a system of integration support that I now can share with others (fully accredited-licensed). I reshaped my therapeutic approach and am passionate about supporting people to re-connect with their own true nature and to come to terms with their limitations. This includes preparing for the end of life (practical and emotional process), managing crisis, integrating life shocks and questioning all that is.