Ancient & Holy Wells of Ireland


A Historic Well is a well or spring where there is a tradition or history surrounding it.Wells have been very important to the Irish for various reasons.There is a strong tradition of veneration of water (hydrology), or association with religious or magical experience in the form of Holy or Sacred Wells/Springs.

There has also been a tradition of visiting certain wells for their health benefits, whether they be the ‘tangible’ benefits received from Iron, Sulphurous (etc) Spa Wells, or other health benefits received from the Holy Wells.The original tradition associated with the veneration of wells is thought to have originated several thousand years ago in pre-Christian times, and many exist now through the re-dedication of them to Christian Saints, although their form may have been considerably altered.

Ireland is said to possess approx 3,000 Holy Wells on the island, but this is not defined. We believe that there are many more, as a considerable amount are unrecorded. There are many less Spa Wells, and an indeterminable amount of domestic wells with a history or tradition attached.This group is to assist in the documenting of all Historic Well sites in Ireland.