Warrior Poet Fitness

Eolas Ársa

As a Primal Strength & Health Coach, I support people and athletes in:

  • living their healthiest, happiest and strongest lives,
  • developing body-mind strength, power and vitality,
  • eating an ancestral Low-Carb, High-Fat diet, in alignment with their individual genetic and performance requirements,
  • understanding stress and how our thoughts and behaviour impact whether we grow or suffer from it,
  • creating a training program, eating philosophy and self-care plan to thrive instead of just survive,
  • connecting with nature and one’s ancestral heritage,
  • incorporating the primal principles of Hunting & Gathering as they relate to training, eating, and recovering,
  • addressing health issues that are related to stress and inflammation (you’d be surprised with what you can clean up by eating and living primally!), in conjunction with conventional medicine,
  • clearly defining training, sporting, health, working and life goals and dreams,
  • experiencing a greater sense of ease, peace and purpose within themselves,
  • living life to the absolute fullest as a Warrior or “one who is brave”,
  • living in alignment with the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws for living an awesome, flourishing, healthful life.