Lar Dooley Art

Council Project, Imbas

This is a personal view of indigenous Irish spirituality. It is taken from the viewpoint of over 50 years of individual exploration of our ancient Irish indigenous culture. I am not a historian, or an archaeologist; but my own personal journey has led me to try to make sense of how the ancients lived and how they died. Putting together the story of what drove them to create so many hilltop cairns which dot the landscape of Sliabh na Caillaigh, also known as Loughcrew in County Meath, Ireland.

These solar temples shield within their protective shell the basis for indigenous Irish spirituality.

My story starts at a well. It begins with a sacred cleansing ceremony. It welcomes the spirits of the land to join me. It welcomes the spirits of the ancestors to walk with me. We enter a sacred space barefoot, and give thanks to those who have gone before. We acknowledge the spirits of the land and the land of the spirits. From then on, we are never alone. There is no fear, no trepidation, no looking back.

For when we look back, we are joined by those who have come through the generations to meet us. They accompany us on our journey. This is my story, but also theirs. It is also the story of Loughcrew. It is the story of six thousand years of spiritual history, shadows on the land, opaque figures dancing through the night. It is the story of many moons, and many suns. It brings us into the darkness, but then we emerge into the light. In this story you will come, literally, out of the Darkness, and into the Light.

Enjoy the journey.