Séamus Draoigall

I am a south-american born Maker and Artist of Celtic descent living in and inspired by the beautiful land of Ireland. Like so many people and tribes before me, I came to these shores from far, far away, relentlessly heeding a call that was impossible to ignore, fighting through hell and heaven for the right to call this island my home.

All throughout my long journey into the arms of Éire, I led a mobile lifestyle supported by freelancing Illustration and Graphic Design work. I have done deep, extensive research into most aspects of Ireland’s complex and bountiful mythology, history, ancient laws and cosmovision, and I’m a supporter of any project that aims to bring back and repurpose the myriad treasures hidden in this tradition and puts it in service of our modern-world needs.

My final, ultimate objective as an Artist, the reason why I delve into this world so far deep, is the development, writing and production of a Graphic Novel that gives back even a tiny bit to the magic tradition of Ireland. Because I didn’t grow up here, I’m blessed in that I can come at all of its aspects from a clean slate, my experience not detracted by social biases.